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I am finally home again after weeks of intense schoolwork, weather disturbance and physical discomfort. This week is tough because all the exams and activities are rescheduled due to class suspensions. It would have been great spending days on my own sans dealing with toxicity alone. I get bored most of the time and the succeeding seasons in the two tv series I watch are yet to be downloaded. Bummer. Every thing is bummer to me nowadays.

Decision was not to join an org this term. I attended a last-minute orientation to a political organization in the College. I did not apply though. I really could not place myself in the given committees plus personal reasons. Some of my classmates invited me to join other orgs but I declined. I wanted a team that is fun, chill, and new. I mean, I like an environment where no one has met you before.

Somehow, biology is helping me conquer my ranidaphobia. We skinned our specimen two weeks ago and I noticed that I get oblivious to the beautiful sight. We, lab partners, named him Stan. Lol. He is currently resting in his jar filled with ethanol. Btw, we cut portions of his muscles and subjected to shock. We had the second specimen last Thursday.

I was really looking forward to going home because I missed its feels and my parents said they have a little surprise. I thought the weekend would be, if not fantastic, fine but. There’s a thing which will completely cause the abrupt entropy. It happened to me thirty minutes ago. I guess the “surprise” won’t do. Nothing will work out when you start to communicate then get misinterpreted because they won’t listen to you. Worse is they screw you with your point.

Tons of things happened this week and I cannot digest them at once. I am not sane as of now. I feel bad actually.

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Thank you brother for not selling me out.

Hahaha. This was one of the moments I was caught red-handed and you played along even if I asked you to say the classic, dumb excuse to get rid of people. Thank you loads. Showing up would be much more regretful. I really appreciate wht you did though apparently you are mad at me. Pero grabe nakakatawa. Next time let us keep our voice down ha. ;)

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I have discovered so much about insignificant things. The ones where you experience the glass shattering. They seem unimportant howbeit they contain upshots that will affect the series of events in one’s life. To reiterate the principle of environmental unity from geology class, “every thing affects everything else”. What an introduction. I keep writing insignificant lists all the time because am experimenting on how quick my choices change, quite frankly.

So here…

- Newsflash: I was not picked to win the bag. I joined this online competition hoping I have my luck. I deeply wished I’d win, but in the back of my mind, they would not consider. I am too far from London. Not the right market.

- The reason I joined the contest was to have an autograph of Cara. I am not all over the luxury bag. But hey, she will be the new ambassador of a local clothing brand. Brilliant, isn’t it?

-It bothers me every time I catch my father peek at whatever I do on the Internet and then deny that he’d never. He just did as we speak.

- The schedules of exams are fast approaching and my bank of knowledge is only one-tenth full. May I be able to catch up.

- Yesterday I wanted a slice of that walnut pie from Bannaple. Now I want it with ice cream. Ooooh.

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It’s four o’clock in the afternoon and I am splayed out on bed while typing this. I have probably the most impulsive thoughts which ironically are not because they do not count if you think beforehand. What all.
At the moment, I do not care about others’ opinion. Let me freak out later. 1. Fuck off, groupings. Fuck off. 2. I am starting to hate a classmate who talks too much nerdy stuff in class. 3. Yes! to reporting impromptu. Getting better at not being prepared but being able to pull it. 4. My feet’s cold. 5. Back to hell next week. 6. I will watch HIMYM tonight just to shrug off this potating feeling. 7. It is really cold today. 8. I like Strawberry Fields Forever. 9. Hahaha This is nine. 10. I want to prey upon that big (and the best) siopao and chugalug a mug of iced tea in this tea house. Sadly, I am lazy to go out plus I had my share two days ago. Death by imaginary hunger and greed.

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You write Quezon City, Philippines not Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. To all the “mamarus” out there, Manila campus is not in Quezon City for your information. That is the reason why places are affixed to the school name. They also do not have the same spelling so I guess it’s a no-brainer to tell the two are not the same. So don’t lecture my mother regarding the university because both her children are studying there. P.E.

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I like drinking Mogu Mogu when there’s a lot of reading to be done. Yep, school readings. Aside from letting out the geek in me, I also live by reading anything that interests me whether it be fiction or non-fiction. Please take note of ‘interests me’. I am not one of those who claim they are bookworms, bibliophiles, or surprisingly, wizards. I would be bluffing if I say “I read because I am a genius!”. Simply put, I like to read. Okay let me cut the crap here. I had my eyes checked and found out my record of 20/20 is now broken. I was kind of hoping that my vision’s still ideal but not anymore. I just went to college and everything becomes messed up. I called my mom this afternoon and got reprimanded because I told her I was prescribed to wear eyeglasses constantly. She said I often read in the dark which is why my eyes are strained. She always catches me reading the instant I wake up and before going to sleep. Fine, it’s my mistake. I read on my phone every time I have a chance like during grace period, bathroom gaps, eating, etc. Reading helps me fall asleep too. Sometimes it makes me stay up late as well. Hehe. My classmates are joking about me having Byakugan ‘cause I can see the words at a distance. They nicknamed me Hyuga. Ha ha. Now they say I am a disgrace to the clan. Whatever consequences this could lead to, I still stand firm on not wearing glasses. I guess I have to start avoiding reading when the light is out. Ugh, I can’t get over it. I even thought I will only need glasses in my forties. 

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For sure I have talents: read between the lines and pretend I cannot.

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I want this shirt back. Huhu. I beg.

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Long weekend. Friday the 22nd. Class professors were either out of the country or sick. Wasn’t it great having a free day following a holiday? In short, there’s 120 hours to do the needs and the wants. Now I’m down to less than seventy-two.) My brother had to go to school and my parents, who came early in the morning to visit us, had a medical appointment at the UST hospital yesterday. I didn’t approve of sucking up alone in the condo therefore I decided to go out as well. Ha!

Paying tuition fee took me five minutes which was probably insane because you never get to pay your dues without falling in line! This time, I sat on the third chair and then the guard asked me if I would pay in cash, I affirmed, next I was cued to the window. Sorry to the two who were there prior to my arrival. I had my invoice printed only this Wednesday which is the reason I settled late.

I went for a trip to Bambang. Yeah sure, it is the place to purchase medical supplies and lab equipment. It is where you can exercise your talent in haggling although I personally prefer not to. Hehe.

I made realizations during rides in public transport. I ride the bus, jeepney, shuttle, and train whenever. I guess they are part of the things I learn in not quite the reality. I am still a student so I call it “not quite”. But hell, yes. You see people who hop in and out the cramped vehicle and you don’t have any other choice but to ‘literally’ rub elbows with them. Sometimes, your relationship with a complete stranger is more intimate than what you have with your buddies. Get where I am headed? Um, no, people do not usually get me. That relationship thingy is kinda irrelevant. Haha… ha. I thought of writing about Manila, my address at the moment. I am good at observing but I am poor translating ideas into criticism. The point is I am not a writer. That being clear, I apologize if you’ve ever reached this part. I just want to share that I perceive Manila from its different angles. And, I saw them through a ride in a jeep. Segue. I witnessed a snatching of a pair of ruby earrings from a woman sitting across from me. The kid must be trained for he did not cut his victim’s ears. I wouldn’t be surprised because Recto is famous for it. Despite the incident, there were spots that caught my attention like the frames of the clock tower, the bridge above the algal bloom river, and the line of kalesas. I think naming the city as a second home won’t hurt. There are many things to be fond of especially in Ermita and Binondo. Maybe I am starting to get used to the buzz.

P.S. Do not worry, I will not post my writing here.
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Of (Slight) Misanthropy

Watching Daria and re-reading The Catcher in the Rye put my mind into a vortex of pejorative criticisms. Hmm. I’d better keep mum before I blurt them out. I’ve reckon that I will be surrounded by bunches of phonies at school as soon as classes start this week. Heh. Right now, I am armed with all the adjectives to judge, rather, describe a little human being who recently earned the title of some reality show. I will say a quote from Nigel to explain why, “Tiny man. Huge ego.”

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It maybe too early experiencing separation anxiety but I do . Classes are a week away from now and I still thumb through my recreation planner. Two months seem not long enough after two straight years of studying. 

I thought missing your friends is just a phase. Totally not. I ache for the company of some of my girl friends in Quezon City. Haha, hi. I am lucky ‘cause they bear every whiplash of meanness I give them.

Is it normal if a person is amused by sardonic teenagers? Don’t reply. This is a rhetorical question. I am pleased that some people encourage nuggets of pessimism and sarcasm at times. Cheers.

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grain x floral

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Had a kinda internet hiatus in almost a week. It is late blog about the disaster, obviously. If you have the oddest luck to catch the word disaster here, I hope you don’t confuse it with the term hazard. Haha, sweet. Um, there were not much to talk about because I just slept through the worst hour of the rain. Actually, my brother was complaining because I acted like a sloth. Oversleeping and all. That is how I handle boredom especially when the internet connection kept on jamming and your phone battery was dying. Ugh. There was also a power outage more than 14 hours straight. We were literally staring at the ceiling. Lol. At least I had this pre-Glenda photo and a tan. Above everything else, we were safe…

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It’s time to de-clutter. After moving in last weekend, I brought home a huge box containing books, papers, envelopes and bags of clothes, shoes which, I thought, would be better stored in our house. The simplest way to put it is I took junk. Haha. No way. So, I did not have any choice but narrow down the pile I dumped along a hallway. Got it under control three days of intermittent cleaning later.

I had an unexpected selfie in public. With a close friend. Yay. Thank you for being such a girl scout, Paola. Let us make someone envy! >:)

My alter ego tells me to do the unusual. When somebody’s parents are going away and won’t be coming till the next day, what do people often do? Throw a party!!! Lol, that is the usual in other places… but not here. However, I am itching for the experience. Stay sober ( hopefully) and act like nothing outrageous ever happened. I am kidding.

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