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Of (Slight) Misanthropy

Watching Daria and re-reading The Catcher in the Rye put my mind into a vortex of pejorative criticisms. Hmm. I’d better keep mum before I blurt them out. I’ve reckon that I will be surrounded by bunches of phonies at school as soon as classes start this week. Heh. Right now, I am armed with all the adjectives to judge, rather, describe a little human being who recently earned the title of some reality show. I will say a quote from Nigel to explain why, “Tiny man. Huge ego.”

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It maybe too early experiencing separation anxiety but I do . Classes are a week away from now and I still thumb through my recreation planner. Two months seem not long enough after two straight years of studying. 

I thought missing your friends is just a phase. Totally not. I ache for the company of some of my girl friends in Quezon City. Haha, hi. I am lucky ‘cause they bear every whiplash of meanness I give them.

Is it normal if a person is amused by sardonic teenagers? Don’t reply. This is a rhetorical question. I am pleased that some people encourage nuggets of pessimism and sarcasm at times. Cheers.

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grain x floral

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Had a kinda internet hiatus in almost a week. It is late blog about the disaster, obviously. If you have the oddest luck to catch the word disaster here, I hope you don’t confuse it with the term hazard. Haha, sweet. Um, there were not much to talk about because I just slept through the worst hour of the rain. Actually, my brother was complaining because I acted like a sloth. Oversleeping and all. That is how I handle boredom especially when the internet connection kept on jamming and your phone battery was dying. Ugh. There was also a power outage more than 14 hours straight. We were literally staring at the ceiling. Lol. At least I had this pre-Glenda photo and a tan. Above everything else, we were safe…

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It’s time to de-clutter. After moving in last weekend, I brought home a huge box containing books, papers, envelopes and bags of clothes, shoes which, I thought, would be better stored in our house. The simplest way to put it is I took junk. Haha. No way. So, I did not have any choice but narrow down the pile I dumped along a hallway. Got it under control three days of intermittent cleaning later.

I had an unexpected selfie in public. With a close friend. Yay. Thank you for being such a girl scout, Paola. Let us make someone envy! >:)

My alter ego tells me to do the unusual. When somebody’s parents are going away and won’t be coming till the next day, what do people often do? Throw a party!!! Lol, that is the usual in other places… but not here. However, I am itching for the experience. Stay sober ( hopefully) and act like nothing outrageous ever happened. I am kidding.

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Which feels worse, getting something bad you don’t deserve, or something good you don’t deserve as well?

Maybe the worst is not being capable of sorting out. Whether it is good or bad. #imscrewed

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Heh. It was pretty convenient having brought a mechanic/technician in this kind of situation. Lol. A treat to the known ‘Bulaluhan sa Espana’ was the only thing this boy asked for payment. Because I am a bighearted client, I bought him eating utensils as incentive. He wants to learn the Korean way but never mind if it is a Japanese store. Both are Asian.

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Here are my very out-of-the-blue thoughts. They are mostly weird ideas.
1. I want to color my hair neon. Shine bright like a diamond. Whatever.
2. Sepanx, man. I’ll soon be running errands like paying the bills, cleaning the bathroom, cooking dinner… Yes, chill dorm life does not make you do such.
3. After the stomach flu comes the common cold. Great.
4. Wanna wear striped knee highs like right now.
5. I’m not drunk, okay?
6. That Arbularyo TVC is cruel. It hurts my eyes.

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I can’t get enough of chinatown. That was the best and biggest siopao I’ve tasted. Its stuffing is generous unlike some which are nothing-but-bun or you have to guess where the meat is. Well, steamed food are better eaten at the resto than taken away.

It is final: we’re moving. The amount of stuff I have accumulated and kept in a space I share in the dormitory has equaled the volume of dust my hands swept while packing. I didn’t know I have that many papers, books, supplies etc. Good thing there was an extra mask in the kit. Actually, I own boxes of gloves and masks. I was just lazy to get them. One thing more, my eyes got irritated even with mask on. Of course.

Today is nursing time. Pain woke me up hours ago. It makes me sick to get sick. Crap. At least I can use the Internet for distraction. Not really, haha. I have to get well as soon as tonight because tomorrow, we’ll be transferring my stuff from the dorm to the unit. Will be missing the mall-like bathroom. *sheds a tear*

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The weather, the food make me lose self-control. It seems that a month of pulling myself together to shed a few pounds has backfired. I said months ago that I couldn’t care less about it. Weeks ago, I was determined to flex some muscles and stay healthy. “Chill.”, I tell myself today. Ha.

I was early for the next election. I applied for a voter’s ID last Tuesday. Parents forced me to even if I don’t see me in that stage of life. Crap. Such a baby.

You cannot ignore high school friends. I cannot. There is this unwritten rule that you are stuck together no matter how long you have not seen each other. (Dunno if it still applies in ten years.) On that note, I joined my classmates to have gelato and fries and a hell lot of catching up. *photo grabbed from r.k.*

Cara! Sorry but I like her cool. No arguments.

The flood or the heavy traffic did not stop us. It was batshit crazy I allowed myself two hearty meals. We had our lunch in this Chinese restaurant in Binondo. I was like “Dammit, I won’t have enough room for dinner”. Scratch that. Even after getting wet waiting for us to be saved from wading in the flood, we went to a pizza place as planned. We were the only customers when we arrived which was freaking awesome. The first time we tried there, the line almost reached the doors. Lol The staff were really pleasant I chatted to them. Newsflash: I like the mixed greens better than the pizza.

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 ”Your friendship with her—it sleeps with the fishes.”

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11 June 2014

It’s official: summer is over in the PH! Although it is kind of inconvenient going outdoors, the cold, rainy weather makes me giddy. Sorry, I am not being sadistic here. I like the rain, not the typhoon nor the flood, okay? Hmm… In other news, I love the rain that much I let our clothes and shoes get soaked.

My brother and I went to UPD to visit a friend yesterday. Dad dropped us off Philcoa where we waited for a jeep. We planned to stroll around the campus but the heavy rain hinted that it wouldn’t be a great idea. We decided to go to the mall as soon as we finished our business in the OUR. I did not see my friend. Sad.image

By the time we arrived inside the mall, we were already dry. Therefore it’s time to hit the books. We reached our haven and searched for some uncommon titles. Other than books, here is what I found. Instagram-friendly. (dunno if it’s not new)


I spent time with brother while waiting for our parents to feed us, rather, meet us. Haha. Unfortunately they did not make it to lunch time. I was feeling ill pa after eating lunch. Aw. Thank goodness they came at half-past three. We went to eat snacks to make up. Darn, I want to talk about it. I rarely share something like foodtrip in facebook but I am here.

I was really excited to try the pancakes in the restaurant. Specifically, ‘making’ my own pancakes. The kiddos were supposed to do the cooking. Evidently, my parents were the first to grab the batters. Lol.




I would not post all our playful yet magnificent creations. Haha! We let out our creativity in drawing shapes, figures etc. We cooked and eat pieces until we were ridiculously full. My plate had lots of Nutella, banana, chocolate chips and syrup spread on it. The cakes might appear a bit messy but I swear they tasted sooo good. I was ultimately happy! I really enjoyed the experience. Seriously, dude. I didn’t care if I looked childish. Was giggling all the time. Lol.

The second to the last photo is a proof of the love-hate I mentioned. Haha. All that mattered to me and my cheeks were the cakes. See, I was having fun devouring these awesome pancakes. Yay! No shame.

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The movie is overrated. For days, we chewed on our fingernails to contain our excitement over TFIOS. I get to watch for free because it is somebody’s treat. I do not pay hence no complaining. But the issue here is the enormity of praises told in the pre-screening does not tantamount the merit it supposed to earn. I am not being brutal. The film was good especially that the actors delivered comic lines tastefully. The flow was fine and graphics deserved thumbs-up. Oh, I won’t forget the beautiful official soundtrack. Things ran smoothly notwithstanding it went on and on that way, similar to a buffer. I was waiting for all the possible turning points which could probably make me emotional. Unfortunately it ended soon with me still figuring out the best moments. I was not satisfied. Don’t get me wrong ‘cause I loved reading the book. It was expected there would be parts omitted but it seemed lacking. The movie is okay. Not grand just okay.

It feels weird using the new university portal. I want to stray from any school activity for the time being. Vacation, man. Lol It is darn unavoidable. Classmates say it is a bummer. Hmm, we are well accustomed to occasional glitches in the previous registration system.

I am grateful. I seldom talk about personal religious views because it is how to show respect to everyone. Anyway, I am writing this to express my thanks for being blessed. I will not say I have gone through a lot but I have experienced downfall which taught and served me right. I might be a girl angry with the world but I appreciate the things it provides me. It’s becoming dramatic! Ha. I am just thankful. I do not have so much to be proud of. I don’t live in fancy houses nor belong to the popular club. I am not physically attractive or even emotionally healthy. I become sensitive and selfish. I commit a hell of mistakes in life (as well as in writing). I am not the most adorable person one can meet to wrap everything up. On the bright side, I have people who can be proud of me. They are enough.

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We looked so tiny and dark in the second photo. Ha! Thanks, Team Teenager-with-a-camera. :)

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